Sneak Peek at the Crazy Image Deblurring Feature That May Appear in Photoshop

At the Adobe MAX 2011 event in LA last week, the company gave a sneak peek into an advanced Image Deblurring feature that may appear in an upcoming version of Photoshop. Provided with a blurred photograph, the feature uses advanced algorithms to calculate the camera movements that caused the blur, which allows the program to do a very accurate unblurring of the photograph. The video is a bit shaky and the quality isn’t the best, but judging from the audience’s reaction when the example photo is unblurred, the feature works extremely well and caused a lot of jaws to drop.

  • pwnder

    Btw, what the flux is that screen. It just disappears…

  • Michael Thompson

    I’m guessing its a projector

  • Casey Myers

    Crap! Now I am going to have go through all my blurry shots and fix them!

  • Dan Bellucci

    I’m glad that this is causing pretentious photography enthusiasts to become butthurt.

  • pwnder

    I’m pretty sure that projector screens don’t usually just disappear when you shut down the projector…

  • Anonymous

    yeah, that thing is crazy looking, dunno whats up with it. Looks like it was put in later on in post, although I highly doubt this youtube vid had any post on it. Just looks unreal.

  • Eros Peterson

    With amazing technology such as this comes an even greater responsibility… most of the comments I have read thus far have been all about everyone’s blurry photos, how it can fix them, shoddy amateurs etc etc. I work in news television and I see the darker side of this technology… I put together a news story that has some sensitive nature to it and for whatever reason I have to blur a face, a vehicle license plate, a store sign or an address, or whatever to protect an individual or for a myriad of other privacy reasons (including someone’s life?). What is there now to stop someone from using this kind of de-blurring technology to reveal a face or license plate thereby putting another individual at risk for whatever reason?

    Think about the deeper issues here folks… stuff like this may be totally cool and rad for photography enthusiasts but you always have to think about other consequences that modern inventions have.

    Food for thought. Think about it.

  • Alex

    Dude, this cant deblur anything.
    It only works for camera shake blur, not for a purposedly blurred image…

  • Joebob

    Link to video now says “private”. Nice work!

  • Tru

    Wow, this is pretty incredible… check out the before and after shots of that

  • Edge_of


  • A B

    Also if you want to really make something unrecognizable, put a big fat black bar on it.
    Wasn’t there a story about a pedo being caught by undoing mathematically defined transformations he used on his face a few years ago?