How to Compose Shots When Shooting the Interiors of Homes

This great video lesson by San Francisco-based interior photographer Scott Hargis teaching how to compose shots when photographing the interiors of homes. Stepping into the scene itself like Hargis does is a great way to teach composition.

  • Travis

    Good tips, watch your audio while playing though, I found the volume too low speckled with random loud screetches in the audio to jolt you a bit.

  • Sara Frances

    Some of the least effective photographic choice of space and lensing I’ve seen.  Selection and placement of accessories, which is so important for architectural and interior design work, was poor. Ignore the drape of bedding at your peril! Where was the director of photography?

  • Superalejo

    very good, I enjoyed the class.

  • Fabricio Azurdia

    If you are teaching the basics you can´t forget that you have to show the complex in the practice. It has huge errors on composition, also the examples on the video are different from the finished photos…

  • henrymaxm

    Creative people think alike :) 

  • Boobear1964

    Most real estate people want to make the room seem as large as possible

  • Michelle

    This was excellent! Thank you for putting this together!