Unique Earrings Crafted From 35mm Film

Brussels-based jewelry designer Clement Marquaire creates one-of-a-kind earrings using old 35mm film. A pair will cost you $15 over in Marquaire’s Esty store.

Happy Factory Etsy Store (via Photojojo)

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  • Pkreed5859

    Sorry those earrings are UGLY

  • Clement / Happy Factory

    Thanks your for talking about my work !!!

  • Angelica

    I think it’s creative!!!

  • Michael Zhang

    you’re welcome :)

  • Ollie4080

    Love the first two comments! haha

  • Ian Beall

    Par Butcher called, she wants her earrings back!

  • andreas

    Too bad I’m not a girl, otherwise I’d wear those. Maybe I’ll get a pair for my girlfriend.

  • Will

    funky stuff!