Facial Recognition with the iPhone May Lead to Pretty Creepy Apps

Last year, Apple purchased Swedish facial recognition firm Polar Rose for $22 million, and yesterday’s iPhone 4S announcement revealed that the technology is now baked into iOS and is touted as one of big new camera features. The iPhone is now a compact camera and mobile computer that can detect — and possibly recognize — faces.

The technology has some pretty neat potential applications. Fast Company writes,

[…] the implications are enormous, far beyond the scope of simple slideshows of your kids, automagically grabbed from your on-iPhone photo reel. Because face ID will be laced throughout the OS, it means social apps like Facebook and perhaps Twitter will be able to be sensitive to the ID tags, embedding them in automatically-generated status updates (should you enable such a feature). The use of face IDs could be a part of any future NFC credit card system, with the iPhone’s front camera taking a quick peek at the user’s face to check the account owner is indeed activating a payment, not some thief it doesn’t recognize. […] Since iPhones and iPads are finding much use in hospitals, then perhaps we can speculate that medical apps, particularly medical records apps, will be safer and more secure–if there’s a “recognize the patient’s face” feature.

On the flip side, it may prove to be Pandora’s box when it comes to privacy. The video at the top of this post is a Polar Rose demo of an app called “Recognizr”, which recognizes people’s faces and provides you with links to their social media accounts.

Imagine a world where every person on the street can be identified by simply pointing your phone at their face. Curious about a stranger? Point your camera at them to pull up their Facebook profile.

People who had concerns over facial recognition in Facebook photos are going to have a fit about this one…

  • Guest

    Then I guess someone’s going to have a program a feature into social networks that says “Turn off facial recognition search.” Oh no.

  • Sharp Wide Open

    “People who had concerns over facial recognition in Facebook photos are going to have a fit about this one”

    Some people will have a fit about a different thing each week. 

  • Chris

    Fingers crossed they’ll set it up for unlocking the phone! That way, I’ll never be fraped again!

  • Sneakyelmo

    Just a thought, why does the article title say Apple and the movie says Andriod OS at beginning / end?

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Yeah, because nobody will hold up a photograph of you to the camera.

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    FUD FUD FUD. If you’re paranoid about technology, don’t use it.

  • Michael Zhang

    That’s a demo of the app done on an Android phone from early last year, before Apple bought the company near the end of the year

  • Guest

    The phone has face *detection* but not *recognition*. Big difference. 

  • Josh Zytkiewicz

    I don’t get why people would have a problem with this.  If you’re out in public anyone could recognize you anyway.  I’ve recognized people in real life that I’ve only seen on social networking sites.

  • Emurod

    This could be great for adverising, create a unique face to use on a poster/flyer, when a photo is taken it directs the user to your facebook business page.

  • privacy is freedom

    If you don’t see why this is problematic perhaps you don’t deserve freedom, which by the way is practically synonymous with privacy.

  • privacy matters

    Or walk down the street? Use your brain; your reliance on your smart phone may be making it atrophy.