Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-Up Poses

“Men-ups!” is a humorous project by photographer Rion Sabean featuring men doing pin-up-style poses. It’s interesting how much more absurd some poses instantly look when they’re being done by men.

There are a couple more photos that can be seen in this Flickr set.

Men-ups! (via Lost At E Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by Rion Sabean and used with permission

  • Annabel Lee true Susan Jones..some must spout tripe to sound intelligent, but babble about nothing interesting.

  • Krispen M. Nelson

    ♥! Make more please.

  • novarama

    In a completely non PC take on this, I thought the guy with the shovel made for delightful eye candy.

  • Tamie

    How about it’s just really funny. Enjoy it. Get over yourselves, people.

  • Cboo

    Reading through that long debate via the comment thread struck me with the idea that if this were an exhibit at an art gallery that only a select few from the same city, and same demographic were able to access, it never would have happened and continued for as long as it did. This is why the internet is so fascinating!

  • frost57565

    More duck face! :-)

  • hater

    eeeeeeewwww… does that have any appeal to straight women? strongly doubt, thus this is only some feminist and gay propaganda! btw, female pin-ups appeal both to straght men and queer women, duh!

  • hater


  • hater artist

    the artists jargon is just loads of good ol’ BS. most parts it’s just a social game of inside jokes and puns or whatever that you’re not supposed to laugh at because it’s ART. hahahaha..

  • John 117

    All I know is that an Elite is a covenant alien that I kill in Halo.

  • Kar Ann Harris

    yeah, too many clothes, and the clothes fit, the pics arent’ photo shopped to blank out their flaws, and they look like the eat – every day!

  • yogadoesnoharm

    Nothing humorous about this – it’s actually mocking women. if you want proper attention, put these men in Speedos or thongs. Better yet, get men built like cowboys and Chippendales in skimpy undies posing and preening, then I’ll be interested in gawking.

  • Tristian Blake

    I’m impressed by the abdominal strength it must take to hold one’s legs up like that.

  • Betty Eyer

    I hate to tell you this but most women are not thinking about salary while they are hot and bothered.

    If men had the dream of marrying women who earned more and were more educated than themselves, we’d have a lot of financially secure households, that’s what. Sheesh.

  • pakla

    Modern, first world facist feminists can go fudge themselves.

  • Zach Alan

    I’d like to see it redone with fewer clothes as well. especially #3 and #5

    what? that wasn’t where you were going with that? oh, my bad ;-)

  • | Kristoper

    funny stuff!

  • Maarten Vos

    I agree with nunnayour. Your make it seem as if most of those people didnt have financial backing. Not to mention set educational and investment goals taught by family with experience. I agree with you that it takes lots of work to enlarge the empire but its not even on the same level as the people who came up from the dirt with no help except from the relationships they created on their own with wiser people.

  • Gabriel DiLaurentis

    and why would guys stand like that ? :)

  • Tactical!Rainboom

    This is amazing in more ways than I know how to express. Yes.


    EPIC XD luuv :D

  • catskitchensink

    Sociology is junk pseudo science for people who don’t have any real world skills. Every person I know who has a sociology degree has been unbearably pedantic and their only real skill is “ranking oppressions” and whining about things that don’t matter or actually exist except in their theory textbooks.

    Just sayin’.