Nikon D800 Will Reportedly Offer 36MP

If you thought the megapixel wars were dying down, think again: the upcoming Nikon D800 is rumored to shoot at a whopping 36 megapixels. If true, it would be a crazy leap in resolution from the 12.1 megapixel D700. The rumor originally showed up last week on Japanese site digicame-info, and was “confirmed” today by Nikon Rumors. In addition to the model name and number of megapixels, some other details include: 4fps shooting, 1080/30p video recording, support for both CF and SD, and a shutter rated for 200K shots.

Nikon Rumors also states that the fact that specs are beginning to leak suggests that the camera may be announced in the next month or two.

(via digicame-info via Nikon Rumors)

  • Henning Nilsen

    I smell fake.
    Atleast I hope it’s fake.

  • tatyana skymyrka

    ..and no pop up flash
    pocketWizard is going to make a fortune (:
    on the other hand, 36 megapixels even on fx sensor, i wonder how useful higher iso’s would really be

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    I recently switched from Nikon to Canon just to try out the other side.  The higher megapixels were something I thought I wouldn’t care about, but ended up caring about.  For one, it seems like LR works better with them; de-noise and clarity sliders in particular.

    I’d be happy to see a 36mp camera.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for the D800 for soooooo long!!! I hope they were able to balance image quality vs ISO performance With those high megapixles. If the D7000 was any indicator we should be very happy with the D800.

  • Anonymous

    As someone who retouches a lot of photos from different photographers using different cameras I find the extra resolution really helps. It’s especially useful when working at 100% magnification and retouching small details.

  • Jmerkens

    I like 400% better.  lol

  • lloyd -

    more MP doesn’t mean better camera! come on nikon that’s just taking up more HDD space

  • Sohail Khwaja

    4fps? wth! Another studio camera?

  • Through Painted Eyes


    (although disappointed with some of the stats)

  • Jason Heilig

    I’m thinking about going from Canon to Nikon. I’m tired of crap autofocus on the 5d mkII.

  • Jason Heilig

    Good lord, you would never have survived the film days, would you? 


    I’m loving my d7000

  • Joey Miller

    So they’re going to replace the D700 before the D3? Does that make any sense?

  • Golfebj

    The D3 has already had an update in the D3S and the D3X right?  So it would make since that the D700 would be next.

  • will hall

    Its the same pixel density as the D7000 from nikon, or the 500D and 50D from canon. The 550D, 600D, 60D and 7D have even higher pixel density (equal to 46MP full frame) and ive herd no-one complain

  • David Ritchie

    4fps??? Really??? WTF!!!

  • Roy Warner

    Why are people surprised about the framerate? It’s 36mp, I’m impressed they got 4 at all really. I wonder how big the buffer will be.

  • Through Painted Eyes

    Yes, we should all settle for the first edition of everything. Who cares about advancements in technology.

  • tatyana skymyrka

    brilliant.  no complaints.

    you should probably account for pixel size and readout-channels when you’re double-checking your math

  • Jason Heilig

    It’s not a question of settling for the first edition of things.

    My complaint is… 4FPS is fine. To argue that 4FPS means it’s a studio only camera is fucking stupid. Ridiculously stupid.

    Besides, I’m a reasonable person, so because I think I’m switching to Nikon in my professional life, I’m saving up for the D3x… It only costs as much as my first car.

  • Sam

    36mp would be canon kind of game.. nikon goes for better IQ. 16-18mp FF in more than plenty for the purpuse D4/D5 is meant for.

  • Don M Levin

    The amount of noise per pixel is about the same on CMOS cameras.  Sensors with large pixel sizes (D700) have large signal amplitudes, and therefore large S/N.  Carving up the same size sensor as D700 into many more pixels for D800 will drastically reduce S/N.  Invite 36 friends over and carve up only one small pizza for dinner.  They won’t be back. Memory cards will fill quickly, emails attaching ONE raw image with 20MB limit will bounce back.  Touch up software will be very slow. 


    Sounds exciting!  My carefully collected Nikon full-frame lenses will be 100% useful, finally… 
    As to 4 fps, do you really need 12 fps @ 36Mp? I am sure they has an option of higher fps at lower resolution

  • rye juan

    there are no popup flashes on nikon flagships ever. and besides, the ones that will buy this will already have remote triggers or speedlights with them.

  • Lenyon

    If  this camera is 36mp on a FX sensor, would that mean it would be 18pm if using a DX lens?

  • Edin

    Imagine your surprise now.