Creative Stop-Motion Animation Brings Sunlight to Life

“What Light” is an incredible stop-motion video that features sunlight dancing around a bedroom. It might look like it was done with CGI, but the sunlight was actually manipulated using cut-outs and stencils placed in the window. Creator Sarah Wickens says,

I noticed how the sun came through the windows in my bedroom, creating patches of light that moved throughout the day, as the sun changed position in the sky. So I started experimenting with ways of using that light to make animation, sticking cut-outs and stencils on to my windows to carve the light into different shapes [#]

The result of her efforts is one of the most creative stop-motion videos we’ve seen.

(via zefrank)

  • Chris Knighton

    Oh wow that’s really Neat, I may never look at the sun shining through my window the same way!

  • Drmoslof

    that is amazing

  • Pryere

    A pleasure. 

  • gaurav solanki

    Wonderfull……God Is Too Surprised.

  • jim

    A brilliant short in more ways than one.

    I wonder how many lectures were missed during the making of this. 

  • Anonymous

    Superb! Really wanting to sit and watch my window light for a couple days now.