Be Mindful of the Background When Shooting a Portrait

Here’s a quick and easy tip from Scott Kelby for portraiture: reduce the number of distracting elements in the shot by positioning yourself with the background in mind. Sure it’s a simple and obvious tip, but those are usually the kind that come in handy most often.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Anonymous

    Sure the background is better in the second frame, but for some reason the composition is suddenly lacking

  • Aus_Guy

    Hurrr Durrrrr.

  • Sander van der Veen

    Tip for Scott to get even BETTER shots;

  • ISO 1200 Magazine

    Thanks petapixel.

  • Richard

    Sometimes you can’t get rid of the background by moving but if its far enough back, putting on a longer lens and shooting at a larger aperture can make for shallower depth of field and more blur in the background.

  • Drew Shutter

    what lens is that?

  • Dnguyen

    With a model like that, I didn’t find those elements to be distracting at all.