How to Shoot, Print, and Frame a Massive Photo on a Budget

Want to adorn a wall with a giant print using your own photography? Here’s a great video in which photographer Lee Morris shares how he shot, printed, and framed a massive 5-foot-wide panoramic print for less than $150 — super cheap compared to the $1,000+ you might pay to have it professionally done. After shooting multiple photos on a bridge in Rome, he merged the images using Photoshop, had a metallic print made by Bay Photo Labs, and then framed it using a large mirror he found at Bed Bath and Beyond. The final result is quite impressive!

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  • Anonymous

    Happy me for living in Portugal on that sense. I can double the size for that price, printed by professionals! ;)

  • Janez

    I would agree the $1500 price is beyonf reasonable

  • Aus_Guy

    All of the prints in his only Australian gallery in Noosa are actually printed on Fuji Crystal Archive. The silver halide process reflects the light back giving the effect.

  • Steven Lareau

    I`m rather puzzled as to why the print wasn`t just mounted onto the front surface of the mirror instead of the back side. That`d be a lot less work and be a smoother surface.

    Also, they do sell a removable spray adhesive, so if there`s a lump, you can peel it back and re smoosh it back into place.

    Thirdly, the tape thing will work ok, until you get hit with humidity. Paper is like wood, it will absorb moisture and will eventually pucker.

    And lastly, no glass on top of the print.. that doesn`t seem to make much sense, it`ll soon be grungy from the day to day dust and stuff landing on it.

  • Avaviel

    When you learn how to cut your own mat board, you can buy frames at thift stores for around $15 with good glass. Remove the old image, clean the frame, mat the image, and then put it all together.

    It’s not easy, but you’ll save a few hundred dollars.

  • Nick

    I’ve always printed on Kodak Metallic paper. Its superb for black and white shots but also works really well for saturated colour shots. I can highly recommend it :)


    I have been buying frames from thrift stores and garage sales for years.  When they are painted gloss black, they look like they coordinate and are a great accent to large photographs.  I love your idea, but I do think that with foamcore and a cheaper thrift store frame, it might be even cheaper.  Check it out!

  • Benjamim Daniel

    Hi! I’m from Portugal too. Can you explain me how you do that?

  • Mrbolano

    I thought it looked pretty average – you could see a ripple in the print, top left, when he held it up. It’s just gonna look worse with age.

  • Spider- Man

    I have a local frame guy who is happy to cut custom mats for cheap. I then get sale frames or ones that I like to pop my pics in.

  • Anonymous


  • Steve S

    My god. Why do people no longer care about quality? First, here is what Lik uses, Fuji Pearl, face mounted to a polycarbonate, single piece liner, Roma frame. Here is why professional labs/frame shops charge so much, facemount=high failure rate to produce thus lots of loss, expensive polycarbonate, expensive liner, very expensive frame. Lets run through the problems with this video. Frame=cheap plastic and anyone that knows the difference will spot it from a mile away. Print=exposed to elements. Mounting=not close to smooth and will be horrid over time.
    You would only be able to sell this to people that don’t care about quality and are CHEAP, they don’t even want to pay $150 for your final result.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re missing the point. It’s a budget project designed to give somewhat comparable results.

  • Divya Mistry

    So, I am on BayPhoto website, and the metal print costs are nowhere NEAR what the video suggests. They are almost 2-3x suggested price. Am I missing something? Maybe he got some “promo” price that isn’t available anymore?!

  • Divya Mistry

    Never mind. Figured it out!

  • Steve S

    Not even close to comparable.

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone is out to join Magnum. I’d take fun over quality any day.

  • Srikeerthi K S

    Facing the same thing. Can you let us know how to get that price?

  • Divya Mistry

    Ah, yes. Download the “Economy Light”. In “Standard Print” tab, select “All Sizes” tab. Scroll down to “30×60″ (which should be $60). Add your photo to it, and then Click on “Add to Order” button at the bottom of the app. Then click “Review Order”. In that window… you can select “metalic print” :D

  • Srikeerthi K S

    Thanks a lot for that explanation. Would have taken a lot of time for me to figure it out :)

  • Patrick Hall

    The reason you can’t use the front of the mirror is because it’s beveled and not smooth from edge to edge.  

    I agree with the humidity issue…Lee actually wound up having a second print mounted on foamcore.  As for the glass issue, you should be able to wipe any dust off the print.  These are super tough prints and unless you have wild friends spraying alcohol all over your house you shouldn’t have any issues keeping it clean.  The glass for prints this size are what costs a fortune. 

  • Patrick Hall

    Where do you find frames this size?  Michaels and AC Moore didn’t have any this large and unless you have amazing thrift stores I’d think you’d be hard pressed to find anything much bigger than this one.   

  • Anonymous

    Be careful about which tape you use on your prints! Linen tape (you’re looking for  “acid-free” or “archival”) will not damage your paper in the way that other tapes (like the Scotch tape in the video) will over time.  Simple steps like this will make the work (and money) you put into a project like this last a lot longer.

    Hot glue is just a no-no.

  • Avaviel

    I guess I have amazing thrift stores. (Or maybe you don’t know whats available in your city?) I just visit the thrift stores every few days or so before I need to frame, buying what I need on the second visit unless the deal is too great to pass up.

     At some point I’ll have to move into making my own frames, but I already have the tools I need.

  • jbhaber

    I’m not impressed with the quality of the framing at all. The weight of the paper will cause the entire picture to slip off the tape over time. Also, the picture is full of bubbles and wrinkles. However, I like the idea of using a mirror as the source for a frame.  I might try obtaining a frame that way.

  • Jaze

    What finish are you ordering your metallic prints in, anyone?

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  • Darren Hundt

    when you shot your three photos for the panorama, did you just pivot the camera or did you move the camera?

  • Ultramarcos

    Great Video, thanks for sharing!