Did You Know: Nikon Shooters Can Buy “White” Lenses Too!

Canon has long offered its telephoto L lenses in white in order to keep the lens cooler under sunlight, but did you know that certain Nikon lenses can be found in “white” as well? The lenses were officially called “light gray”, and can be purchased for pretty reasonable prices on eBay — the AF-S ED 70-200 f/2.8G VR seen above was sold a couple days ago by eBay seller shrewd25 for $1,999.

(via Nikon Rumors)

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  • Wayoffpiste

    but then I would look like I shoot Canon….eww.

  • Lolerskates

    Better than looking like you shoot pentax I guess

  • Iamchris

    It’s funny, the colour Canon use on their pro lenses is the same colour as my Canon photocopier at work. Classy. 

  • lloyd -

    reminds me of them sigma lens’s with a painted on red ring. what’s that all about!!!?

  • Hugo Chikamori

    One word: “Why?”

  • Phase19

    “keep the lens cooler under sunlight” – try reading the article…