How to Create Artificial Sunlight on an Overcast Day Using a “Dingle”

In this video, UK photography instructor Damien Lovegrove demonstrates how you can add some pseudo-sunlight to portraits by simply placing some weeds or part of a bush — which he calls a “dingle” — between an off-camera flash and your subject.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Wing Wong

    Nice! Dingle for the win!

  • Ian Ludwig

    So if you use a bush/branch that bears fruit, does that make them…

    Dingle Berries?!?

  • Ian Ludwig

    So if you use a bush/branch that bears fruit, does that make them…

    Dingle Berries?!?

  • Kyle

    dingle. In cali we call  a “dingle” a  branchaloris, otherwise known as a cucaloris 

  • Badmalote

    for a real spain summer get a drunken german on the corner

  • Ben Mathis

    That already has a name, it’s called a “gobo” for “go between” and has been used for ages in theatre. Doesn’t need a new term. 

  • Kim

    Where can i find those tripods where i can attach a speedlight??

  • Juan

    Mathis is correct.

  • Damienlovegrove

    Ah yes but a Gobo in the UK is attached to the the light source and often placed between lenses in a hard edged projector. Made of aluminium and laser etched. Dingle is always foliage. See this production dictionary definition:

  • Damienlovegrove

    I like to use the correct terms. See this production dictionary definition:

    It’s in common usage throughout the TV and Film world and only refers to foliage.

  • Senén Cito

    this looks like the technique Joe Mcnally promotes a lot, putting anything in front of the  flashes and adding CTO gels to make it look warmer. Great video

  • Jaime

    If, she’s supposed to be thinking spain and heat, why is she wearing a hoodie?
    Just saying.

  • abouthillier

    You can order a flash attachment on Amazon for only about $15. After that you can attach it to tripods and light stands

  • Gillamoto

    I don’t know why, but I can’t watch all the videos here on petapixel. I thought it was just me, but some of my friends complained the same things. I also tried from the local public internet cafe, and didn’t work. oh I live in Jakarta, Indonesia btw.

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm… Can you access If you can, can you watch the videos on that site?

  • Dan Tauro

    Besides Dingle sounds cooler…and more suggestive ;)