Shutterbugs: A Comedy Web Series About Obsessive Photographers

Shutterbugs is a new comedy web series geared towards photo geeks:

Set in Melbourne’s creative heart of Fitzroy, Shutterbugs centres on analogue photographer Chloe and her socialite best friend Samantha. Together they get into trouble as they trespass, steal and bend the truth during their various photography exploits. Trying to keep them under control is Isaac, an OCD portrait photographer who secretly harbours a crush on Chloe. Rounding out the crew are unhinged video blogger Bo and malicious time-lapse specialist Trent, who takes joy in tormenting the others. The show follows the gang as they undertake crazy and dangerous adventures, all in the name of taking a good photo.

The season kicks off on September 27th, and a new episode will be released every week on Tuesday. Finally there’s a show focused on photography humor (similar to what What The Duck did for web comics), but let’s just hope it’s well done.

  • Arnaud

    But these aren’t photo-geeks, they’re.. Hipsters!

  • jdk

    This just all sounds awful. If it’s not supposed to be an ironic skewering of the ubiquitous hipster photographer scene, as Portlandia did for general hipsterism, then I can’t imagine it being anything other than completely annoying.

  • Spider- Man

    Yes cause anyone that doesn’t use digital MUST DIE!!!!

  • Arnaud

    Thank you for the sarcasm, but I love film photography, I just don’t wear skinny pants, fake glasses and act like a misunderstood professional artist in order to enjoy taking pictures

  • Spider- Man

    You mean you can’t dress like that and still enjoy taking pictures? I wear baggy pants and t-shirts, does that make me any less of a photog? Or do I need to dress in mom jeans, buy an expensive DSLR from Best Buy and call myself a photog? Or just shoot from an iPhone and do the same? You can really put a defiant label on what is and what isn’t; what makes and what doesn’t make a photographer? 

    I shoot Lomo and vintage box cams and TLR and old SLR and DSLRs. I listen to indie rock, punk and old school hip hop, guess I am a digital hipster….

  • Hoffstriker

    Just watched the promo, they are “hipsters” even though they make fun of “hipsters”. Not even remotely close to “photo-geeks”. I know cause I used to be one.

  • joel hempenius

    where can i watch that then?

  • Michael_rowlandson

    No Passion… not photographers. 

  • Johnny Quest

    no, you are not a digital hipster, you are a loser. enjoy this show.

  • Rob-L

    Wow – this looks dreadful.

  • Spider- Man

    SWEEET, Then I can wear my skinny jeans! 

  • Sara Oglestone

    I would have preferred an “IT Crowd” kind of vibe in a camera store or a mockumentary style comedy of the pro photo scene in a city filled with already too many photorgraphers. You know, following an up-and-coming photographer who’s had marginal success of late, the recent college grad, the cranky ol’ photog from yesteryear and the mom-jeans wearing “pro-photog” with her first DSLR and charges $100 for grainy, out of focus, colour selected photos.

  • Joe Blount

    You hit the nail on the head, Sara! Of course, anything done in the IT Crowd style would win me over. ;)

  • Aus_Guy

    Give it a go before you knock it, yeah? Geez

  • Aus_Guy

    FAR OUT. Why is everyone on here so negative alllll of the time?? Wait until you watch the actual show before you say it’s crap. Good on these people for giving it a go. I would have thought that everyone would be keen as mustard to see something like this?

  • Aus_Guy

    So does your attitude.

  • Aus_Guy

    Calling someone a loser because they want to express themselves however they want? Are you still in kindergarten?

  • Jason Heilig

    The IT Crowd, Are You Being Served, Party Down, Better off Ted. All of these would make great templates for this show.

  • zf

    Anyone who use a lens with a picture of a single person, group of people and mountains on the focusing ring is a hipster. Sad truth..

  • Spider- Man

    Sweet! And I didn’t even have to buy the fake glasses or take pictures ironically! 

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with Aus-Guy – Go Shutterbugs!!!

  • Alessandro Casagli

    I’ll tell you why. Because this show, releasing that picture as promotion, clearly wants to promote the (stupid) trend of overconfident teenagers who are spoiling the medias with their lack of knowledge, and this irritates the photographers who study days and nights to produce quality pictures but struggles every day. :)

  • Brent-C

    Don’t be a wanker.  Everyone starts somewhere.

  • Thomas P

    Haha, I love internet hater trolls. “Alight good keyboard warriors and rid teh world of this scornful blight on our screens!” 

    Oh wait, it’s a simple web-series, AND yet you have a strongly ill-informed opinion. Amazing. As louis CK says, such amazing advancements (in concept to product) wasted on the shittiest generation, who feels the world owes them something not 10 minutes after discovering something’s existence.Clearly this show is a tongue-in-cheek dig at the very same people on here whingeing that it isn’t good enough, before seeing a single episode. Did you watch the trailer, one of the characters tells an urban hipster to die on his fixie FFS!To the haters, regardless of your opinion, you should just know you’re a parody of your self. You erstwhile merely entertain the rest of us while we, you know, actually contributing something. 

  • Jyve

    For those who have never been to Fitzroy. Fitzroy MEANS hipster.

  • Sam Christopher Cornwell

    The irony of a TV programme/series about photographers releasing an awful promotional picture.

  • Thomas Casey

    It was actually quite good.