Throw Your Camera into the Air for a Group Photo from Above

You’ve probably heard of tossing your camera into the air for abstract light painting photos, but what about for actual photos? Wedding photographer Mike Larson shoots group photos from above — with himself in the shot — by throwing a DSLR and fisheye lens into the air and letting the timer trigger the shutter. You can find some examples of photos made using this technique over on Larson’s website.

If you do try your hand at camera toss photos, make sure you have awesome hand-eye coordination and that you’re standing on soft ground (e.g. grass, cotton balls, marshmallows).

Mike Larson: Camera Toss (via Fstoppers)

  • Randy Halverson

    U sure you got the right video?

  • Benjamim Daniel

    what does the video have to do with the text?

  • Masharno Wolfe

    Tried that before and nearly smashed my camera on the ground when I slipped on the ground.

  • Michael Zhang

    Sorry we had the wrong video embedded when we first published the post, but it was fixed immediately. If you refresh you’ll see the correct video.

  • Michael Zhang

    Sorry it was a mistake. Refresh and you’ll see it :)

  • Shane

    I guess if you are a highly successful professional photographer, you could try this with little hesitation because you could always buy new equipment. I don’t think that is feasible for most people. The risk of damage is just too high.

  • Michael

    Everyone has weird expression while showing the photographer holding his hand up for the camera.  It’s too gimmicky for my taste.

  • Jason Heilig

    Shortly after this trick he flipped shrimp into his hat and lit onion rings shaped like a volcano on fire. 

    Or wait, was that Benihana’s that I’m thinking of? 

  • videoflyer

    Does seem like a really spectacular way to bin an expensive camera. No, thanks.

  • Someplace

    Thats what warrantys are for

  • Somewhere

    warranties*-…felt dumb as soon as I hit send….

  • Skinner Photographs

    Perhaps in Mike’s business model he would classify this as a “loss leader”

  • Mark J P

    No, no, no.. That is quite clearly insane! :)

  • Stephan Henningsen

    I’ve never heard of such a warranty that covers dumb asses semi-deliberately smashing their camera into the ground.  But the group photo above looks like it’s taken on a beach with nice soft sand, so the camera would surely survive if it slipped out of his hands.

    I’ve long wanted to do a similar experiment with a camera attached to a kite…

  • Andreas Puhl

    As far as I understand you can’t go to Nikon Customer Services and tell them you threw your camera 7 feet in the air and then let it smash to pieces on the asphalt and expect them to give you a new one.
    Warranties are for factory malfunctions or wear of any parts.

  • Shaun Quinlan

    Looks dumb

  • Shaun Quinlan

    Looks dumb

  • Unfknbelievable

    what a shit result.