Zombie Attack Engagement Photos

Los Angeles-based photographer Amanda Rynda recently did an awesome engagement photo shoot with Juliana Park and Ben Lee, who wanted the photos to show them surviving a zombie attack. Needless to say, it turned out pretty epic.

You can check out more of Rynda’s work — including shots from the same session that don’t include the zombie — in her gallery here.

Image credit: Photographs by Amanda Rynda and used with permission

  • Wing Wong

    LOL! OMG! Love it!

  • Wing Wong

    LOL! OMG! Love it!

  • Matthew

    It’s creative! I think it’s more appropriate if these photos used for common photo shoot. I think engagement stuffs should be more romantic. Okay, it’s fun to have these photos at the first time but when you are older and look back at the album.. killing zombie is not what you really want right? :) just my opinion..

  • Dave Conrey

    Bad Ass! That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Spider- Man

    well that is a horrible assumption. I am sure these are just added onto their ‘normal’ (as in what you would perceive as normal) photos. 

    The first few look like normal pics and you can always take out what you don’t want others to see, not all the pics have to have zombies in them.

  • Michael


  • Day-Day

    Freaking BRILLIANT!!

  • Parker Fitzgerald

    Looks like they have plenty of ‘normal’ looking engagement shots in the mix, here. 

    Plus zombies.


  • Henri Banks

    that made my day ,i love it !!!

  • Henning Nilsen

    Why must all wedding photographers these days either add vignette, add lens flare or cross-prosess. Or all 3. Seriously? When did proper color rendition go out of fashion?

  • Freerider1111

    sorry but it has already been done in the Phils ^.^ Check out this site.

  • stacey

    They kicked ass!

  • Sandy Morrison

    This is awesome!  Bravo!