Eagle Owl Attacking Camera at 1000fps

While we’re on the topic of high-speed cameras (and slow motion videos), here’s a beautiful slow-motion video of an eagle owl “attacking” a camera, shot at 1,000fps with a Photron FASTCAM SA2. The new Phantom v1610 camera announced today can record footage 1000 times slower than this.


  • Booyakasha

    The good stuff starts 30 seconds in! I would have loved to see the lens get clawed though :D

  • Markus Wolpert

    meh! The vid stops at the best part… skip the ingress and show us the complete landing ;)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd


  • Christian Mosimann

    thats not an eagle mates..come on… 

  • Derp

    It’s an Eagle OWL

  • Derp

    It’s an Eagle OWL

  • kendon

    that’s awesome. and stops right where it gets interesting.

  • Ollie Williams

    That video is 2 years old.

  • Anonymous

    Proof Owls don’t blink.

  • Anonymous

    Proof Owls don’t blink.

  • Drew Marold

    Pro tip: If you don’t want this to happen to you take the mouse-shaped charm off your camera strap when shooting outdoors.

  • Drew Marold

    BTW, if you view it on YouTube in the info box he links to a second video of what happens immediately after this one. The angle is a little different so I’m assuming it’s a second take.

  • Silaxo1

    Birds don’t/can’t fly at 1000 feet per second. 

  • Ron

    No that’s true, but a camera can take photos at a thousand FRAMES per second

  • Whitehouse39

    A lot of you commenters above are showing your lack of knowledge on how this scenario plays out . . . when the owl attacks the camera it is “fini” at that moment; It is all done recording, the same as if that set of talons latched onto your head.


  • Bill Da Yaesuman

    It is not any sort of eagle it is a great grey owl.

  • Anonymous

    Ein jeder Engel ist schrecklich.

  • Bergie25

    CONSPIRACY ALERT!!   I don’t think it attacked the camera.  I think it was landing on its perch and the camera was just placed really close.  With no proof of the cameras “destruction”……did it really happen????

  • Anonymous

    I found this page bookmarked and really liked what I read. I will surely bookmark it too and also read your other articles tomorrow.

  • DD

    Eagle vs Owl. It’s an owl. I enjoyed the leading edge feathers at the ‘stall’ point of the flight. Impressive animal.

  • DD

    Eagle vs Owl. It’s an owl. I enjoyed the leading edge feathers at the ‘stall’ point of the flight. Impressive animal.

  • K Herzog

    Hey mate, It’s a Eurasian Eagle Owl….the operative word is “Owl”.

  • Kat

    The owl’s legs both have bans and a loop on the left leg….not a wild Eurasian Owl but a poor captive animal being put through his paces to entertain human idiots.

  • Kat

    The owl’s legs both have bans and a loop on the left leg….not a wild Eurasian Owl but a poor captive animal being put through his paces to entertain human idiots.

  • Dodlebug4182

    If everyone will pay attention, this is not a wild owl.  This owl was sent off an arm of some trainer or caregiver and the owl was simply returning.  That would be why the person with the camera is not the one the owl flew “at”/to.  This was a way for a photographer to get killer pictures of an owl and it has been turned into an attack on a camera man.  These people are like magicians…look for the catch.  The owl has markers on it’s legs for tracking.

  • Susie Quinn

    Who cares!  They didn’t say it was a wild Owl, they just showed you what prey would see, in their last seconds of life, as the owl flies toward them.  You think to deeply and enjoy to little!!

  • Guest

    seriously people, enjoy the damn cool video and stop analyzing it!!  It’s freakin’ awesome no matter what!!

  • Ouch

    Keep it in your pants. The owl’s coming for it!

  • Wildbrumby

    I don’t care whether the OWL was wild or not…….that would have to be the most orgasmic piece of photography I have ever seen!! Absolutely beautiful, and very very powerful!!
    Thank you .

  • Wigman50

    who gives a sh-t, ENJOY the vidio.

  • Oberon

    Can’t you grow up?   no matter what it is   its a fantastic piece of photography  
    appreciate it for what it is    its a beautiful bird no matter what type…


  • BenjaminJ
  • BenjaminJ
  • Bart

    Useless discussion. Owls should not be kept in cages and/or being used for shows and photographers with to big ego’s!

  • guest

    The photography is most awesome. Owls are tagged for various reasons, whether in captivity or not…we have no way of knowing…assumptions aside. It is a Great Horned Owl, often referred to as the Night Eagle.

  • Randyl

     You enjoy too much and focus on spelling and grammar too little!

  • birdlover

    I found it amazing footage. If you look closely, it appears there is a chicken neck in the bottom of the picture that the owl is about to grab. When I worked at a wildlife center animals that are injured and unable to return to the wild are kept for educational purposes. We fed the birds of prey raw chicken necks. I think it is absolutely incredible that we are able to see the elegance and strength of this fabulous bird. I thank whoever posted this for our entertainment…and the education we get from witnessing how those wing feathers and talons work…I could watch that kind of thing all day long!

  • David Williams

    Looks like a pigeon to me. :)

  • Jodymidnite

    It was just beautiful no matter how you look at it .Thanks for sharing.

  • Charter

    Just wondering.   Where is the button to push – haven’t seen it yet.

  • Anonymous

    I just think posters with sensationalist captions are overdoing it… gives nature a bad name. There was no attack involved here, move along.

  • Pete Boyd

    “gives nature a bad name”. Yeah like nature gives a shit.

  • A1tomo

    Beautiful….just beautiful !

  • AndrewA

    But that does not stop it from being an awesome video!

  • Dougie

    That’s a bit naughty . The camera is no doubt a very expensive one, and this is the sort of revealing photgraphy it was designed for.

    If you enjoy imagining things being clawed, picture yourself having a pee in the middle of a field and really enjoying it, and then seeing this bird in the last few seconds of attacking  your willie.

  • Techmotive

    Honestly that was a ridiculous response. It doesn’t say anything about being a wild owl…it’s an Eagle Owl…  And it never said it attacked anyone, it just says attacking. I’m sure they put out food for it and it was done completely for the purpose of using the high speed film to capture the owl.  It was an amazing video.  Why do you have to sit online and complain about every video you watch.  Be more positive.  It affects the world, you know.

  • Techmotive

    And not to mention the fact that the caption underneath is basically an ad for the camera they used.

  • Carder99

    great footage no matter how you see it

  • Owl-lee

    I love owls of any description and the video is absolutely amazing and I watch it over and over again. Thank you!!!!!

  • Somedudewhocares

    Love the video, but hate the over analyzing and misinterpretations by a lot of people. Come’ on it’s a great demo video of an owl in flight. 
    Who cares what kind of owl it is.  It is a perspective of a bird most of us don’t ever see.  Who really gives a crap if it is a “demo” video for a high-speed camera.  I surely don’t.  I hope more manufacturers post cool videos like this, maybe I would buy more stuff I don’t really need.

    For those over-analyzers, the word attacking is in ” ” as to mean dramatized for effect.  If it said, “Camera Attacked by Owl” that would be different, but it didn’t, get over it.
    There are far more important things to cry about.

    Love the video either way.  But it goes to show you no matter how much description you put in something posted online, there are tons of people who just find the time to “READ” before they comment. 
    It is amazing what a little information and common courtesy can do to a person, now you try!

    Keep Up the good Postings PetaPixel