Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water

For her series “Shake“, pet photographer Carli Davidson photographed curious portraits of dogs shaking off water. Use a fast shutter speed and you can capture all kinds of strange expressions on your dog’s face.

You can find the rest of the photographs in the series here.

Shake (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Carli Davidson and used with permission

  • Piecutie2233

    who do you hate

  • devan

    in love <3

  • Ribonuke

     Might I ask why, if your attitude towards dogs warrants a ‘meh’ reaction to this post, why you feel so passionate enough to respond with a comment?

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  • Ritesh5312

    wow   nice  work 
    really good

  • Techihex

    LOLLL Iwhere did you get these photos

  • [email protected]

    the first one is cute i guess, the others are just gross.  God I hate dogs; I’m an awful person 

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    They look so cute!

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  • Mary

    Hahahaha! These are great pet portraits! The “lippy” dogs are definitely the funniest…all that lip, floppin around! hahaha, thanks for sharing :D
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  • élise

    how does one hate dogs :( they’re so nice!

  • 1314 STUDIO

    Love the first one, it has the best expression.

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  • Lorrellei

     Haha…that was cool music to wash your dog by, I saw the shot too, great job!

  • kredy

    Oh nice portraits of dog.
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    Hehehe…… Funny dogs…. Wonder if could click 1 of my dog….
    That would b hillarious…….

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  • Creepy McSteezerson

    I am glad my dog doesn’t have ginormous, drooly jowls. He’s got the perfect size :) These pictures are cute though….confusing, but cute :)

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    buna  dimineata !

  • maura

    dogs are so freaking beautiful!

  • Michaela Friedel

    How could you possibly hate dogs! What is wrong with you?

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    aawwwww there so cute :D……creepy…but cute

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    Love them! These are great! Do you allow “reblogging?” I think my readers would like these a lot!

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    I think you meant (their), just saying I hope you know the difference?

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    Too. Funny.

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    They made me smile :D

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    i liked these too!

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    there, their, and they’re: all pronouced the same with quite distinct meanings.

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    These are great!

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  • Mightygirl12

    imagine what we would look like in slow motion…

  • Kwok Marco

    yeah,very nice,i love them very much , hope i can have one two

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    these r hullarious!!!!!

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    ha omg thats funny

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    they are so cute! The dogs look distorted!!

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    i love dogs

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    beautiful ….. very funny

  • Lynne

    These pictures of the dogs are NOT flattering and are in fact unpleasant to view. Why not post beautiful pix of them instead?