Find Out How Influential of a Photo-Sharer You Are with is a new web app that attempts to calculate how influential you are in the world of online photo sharing. After giving it read-only access to your social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc…) the app computes a numerical score based on reach, activity, and quantity. PetaPixel got a score of 63, and the highest ranked person on the global leaderboard is currently English Purcell Struth, AKA “photoeng” on Instagram. (via Mashable)

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  • Anonymous

    I got a 48

  • Cal Byrne

    I added Facebook and it was 45…

    Then I added my Flickr and it went up to 49…

    And connecting my Instagram jumped the score up to 84!


  • Gereon

    Are you really giving away your data just to know how “influential” (whatever that means) you are?

  • Jovanovac Nevini Vinko

    84 Xd