Wacky Rolling Shutter Effect Captured by iPhone Placed in Guitar

Kyle Jones wanted to see what it was like to film from inside a guitar, so he stuck his iPhone inside and started recording. The resulting footage shows the strings vibrating in wacky wave patterns thanks to the rolling shutter effect, which we also saw in the Canon 5D Mark II footage of a bass player shared earlier this year.

(via Reddit)

  • Henning Nilsen

    Really cool, and a good guitarist as well.

  • guest

    it’s not really due to ‘rolling shutter.’  it’s more about shutter speed and the physics of how strings vibrate.

  • HappyTinfoil Cat

    yes, similar to dancing near a strobe light.

  • Seven Bates

    Two great Clapton songs there. “Signe” and of course “Tears in Heaven”.

  • Seven Bates

    and yes, the appearance of the strings in the video is a result of “Rolling Shutter”. Obviously the strings are vibrating, but the reason they emulate the sine wave of their audio properties is a result of each frame being recorded as the sensor scans across itself, horizontally (or vertically – depending on sensor). So what happens is one side of the frame scans when the strings are in one position, and then as the sensor scans across itself (quickly, mind you – but still slower than the vibrations of the strings) it “sees” the string at the top, then bottom, and then top again. Thus is “bends” the string as it scans, because it records the string as it moves up and down, during the single frame. 

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    -1 iphone=cellphone. guess they wouldnt bother if it wasnt an iphone

  • Miloweb

    They aren’t wacky wave patterns, they are different wave frequencies vibrating according to thier frequency wave lengths

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