Use Your Coffee Table to Show Off Your Photographs

File this under “awesome ways to show off your photos”. Lomographer zakguy had a year’s worth of Instax Mini instant photos on his hands and no way to display them, so he created a custom coffee table using his favorite shots!

I arranged my favorite shots into a pattern based on overall photo color. It isn’t perfect, but it makes for a really fun real life Lomowall, but on a coffee table. From there we carefully taped down the photos squarely to the table with double sided tape to hold them all in place. Once they were all in place, I went to a local hardware store (Lowe’s) and had them cut a piece of thick plexiglass to cover the table top exactly. I attached some adhesive rubber bumpers to each of the 4 corners and placed it on top of the photos, and that was it. [#]

It’s a neat DIY project that you can do yourself if you have a suitable coffee table and a collection of prints you want to display.

(via Lomography)

Image credit: Photograph by zakguy

  • Keath

    I’ve also seen this done on bartops with a lot of lacquer.  Really nice look.  What I haven’t seen is anyone converting their flatscreen in to a coffee table slide show.  Get on that.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve got this too, not with Lomo photos though… Love my IKEA coffee table :D Just a table with a glass plate on top of it.

  • DJ .

    What an awesome idea!  Never thought of IKEA having a table like that (ordering their catalog now…)