Guy Mounts Cameras to Fireworks to Capture Their Point of View

As we sign off for this 4th of July weekend, we leave you with this neat experiment by videographer Jeremiah Warren. He recently purchased some small keychain cameras off eBay and mounted them to various fireworks, giving us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a 4th of July firework.

  • Luis Santos


  • Jacob

    Awesome! I’m surprised the angles are so wide on those cameras.

    It would be nice if the fireworks didn’t spin so much, but oh well, this isn’t rocket science here …har har.

  • Anonymous

    That was dope!!

  • Martin Knudsen

    Now I know how NASA faked all those shuttle takeoff videos.

  • Anonymous

    That was dope!! and Martin Knudsen i am agree with your idea.Thanks for post.

  • Wac Design

    Great stuff, I was surprised by how well these worked. Next step, high fps shots!

  • partofthepuzzle

    Thanks, that was a lot of fun. Couldn’t help but wonder how it would have looked on some of the really big fireworks but then again, it might have been a lot harder finding the camera. BTW, did I see parachutes on some those shots?