Yahoo Engineer Leaves to Build an Open Flickr Alternative

OpenPhoto is a new “open” alternative to Flickr being built by programmer Jaisen Mathai — an engineer who quit his job at Yahoo (Flickr’s owner) back in May 2011. Instead of storing images using company servers, this new service will allow users to connect their own online storage accounts to store their data within arms reach. This would be like using Flickr to share your images while having the photos themselves be stored in a location that you control (e.g. Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc…).

Mathai is planning to have an open source version of the software that anyone can install on their own servers, and also a hosted version of the software, much like and for blogging. He’s currently raising money for the project through Kickstarter, and plans to launch the hosted version of the service by September.

OpenPhoto (via TechCrunch)

  • Anonymous

    About damn time!

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Thank every possible deity, corporation, VC and political power!

  • Travis

    Between the many photosharing services out there I’m yet to find one that pleases me.  I’m running with a deviantart account that I’ve had for over 7 years now, but really I’m so fed up with the community and lack of proper moderation.  I looked at Flickr and didn’t like it’s policies regarding how much you can upload and they can freely delete your account on a whim.  Who knows, maybe Google’s photovine will be pretty good though, if neither of these turn out I guess it’ll kick me in the butt to make my own site altogether.

  • Henning Nilsen

    500px. nuff said.

  • DDW – Calgary Advertising

    To me, Flickr is still the best. But they are getting very long in the tooth and not much improvement over the years. Looking forward to seeing some competitive innovations!

  • Wing Wong

    Just joined myself. Love it. To be fair, I’m also currently on and  Great photos on all three sites, but I’m noticing that folks on cull and edit more, posting only their top notch stuff.