Spoof Video Pokes Fun at DSLR Rigs

In 2008, the Nikon D90 became the first DSLR to offer HD video recording, a feature that has become pretty standard on new DSLR models. Third-party companies have also taken advantage of the HDSLR craze by offering a boatload of specialized HDSLR filmmaking products, including camera rigs that are constantly becoming larger and more crazy-looking. DSLR film school Neumann Films created this funny short film poking fun at huge and expensive rigs.

The gear game of DSLR cameras is getting out of hand. When a camera rig costs more than your camera something is wrong. These were the thoughts that fueled the creation of our latest video “DSLR Camera Rigs”. [#]

So this is what goes on at the brainstorming sessions of rig makers…

  • Tim Taylor

    yea!  supper poke at the goofy $$$$ camera rigs!

  • Ning Wong

    i agree.. it’s freaking ridiculous how much those things cost.  WAY overpriced.

  • Flim maker

    Yeah, morons :)

  • F8 Photography

    lol. like it.

  • F8 Photography

    lol. like it.

  • rogeros

    Yeah they are overpriced. My friend makes videos for creating after effects templates, and to tell you the truth, he created his own rig and is pretty much satifsfied with it ;)

  • chelsea morgan

    I’ve been looking for some good after effects templates for some time now. Does anyone have a clue where can I find something with a good price?