How to Make Your Own Cinemagraphs

Photographer Jamie Beck has done quite a bit lately to popularize the “cinemagraph“: Harry Potter-esque photos that are given an extra dimension by adding a dash of animation. If you want to learn how to make your own, Photojojo recently published a great tutorial on how to make them using Photoshop. Photographers Fernando Baez and Christopher Mathew Burt have also published tutorials and some helpful tips.

Image credit: Photograph by Jamie Beck

  • Trudy

    How cool. I’ve liked these since I’ve seen them. I will have to check that tutorial out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leonidas

    simply gorgeous 

  • Joakim Bidebo

    Looks cool but would have been nice if there was a better image format for this tho.
    500x351px at 490KB ain’t that optimal. :/ (Sure you can save it as a flash and be able to go down in file size but then people will know directly that it’s not just a image.)

  • Charle Ssaulters

    Definitely a great concept. Russel brown did a video tutorial as well.

  • herzco

    Yawn. Better to go take a walk outside than expend time at your computer for this.