Recreate Your Photographs Using Text is a neat little web and iPhone app that recreates photographs using colored text. Simply drag and drop a photograph from your computer onto the page to get started. The image above is a photograph of Crater Lake that we turned into text using the letters from “PetaPixel”. (via

  • Wing Wong

    Just purchased the app. Love it! For those with international character input turned on, you can use non-english characters!

  • D4v1d

    Great for ruining a perfectly good photo. I really don’t like this look at all.

  • Zachary Fam


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  • FColaco

    A few weeks ago me and a friend made an app called Pixeroid with the same concept, but using artwork elements (that the user can select) to re-create the picture, instead of text. These also have get slight random rotation, transparency and size variation while the image is being generated. Some user submitted “pixeroids” at
    Pixeroid is available for iPhone and Android