The Government’s War on Cameras

Libertarian magazine Reason created this video about the erosion of photographers’ rights in the United States. One of the cases highlighted is the one involving Antonio Musumeci, who was arrested for filming a government building and came out victorious in a lawsuit with the help of the NYCLU.


  • Jason Macchioni

    This subject is such a outrage! I have talked to my towns police officers and informed them of photographers right’s and they are now backing me up, if I need help with a ignorant citizen infringing on my rights as a photographer:

    Love PetaPixel!

    Jason Macchioni

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  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    When in doubt, hit record.  You may not be able to use it for legal evidence, but personally you can recall the details, which should circumvent the wiretap laws. (IANAL)

  • Trudy

    Wow. Very informative (despite angering). Good video.