How to Shoot Portraits on an Infinite White Background

Here’s a quick video tutorial by Olivia Speranza teaching how to create an infinite white background.

It’s possible to build this entire setup with white fabric, and cheap halogen shop lights or household tungsten bulbs, but after you add everything together, these [compact fluorescent lights] don’t seem like such a bad deal. Especially since they won’t generate as much heat or draw excessive power that can blow out household fuses. [#]

The trick is to light your background and subject separately, exposing for your subject so that the background is slightly blown out, showing as pure white.

Infinite White Background – How To (via Fstoppers)

  • Drew Church

     Great short video, though I think she could’ve done with a little more detail into how to avoid spilling onto the subject.

  • Bill_boehm

    You can also just shoot directly into a large, lit soft box with the subject standing in front of it.  As long as you expose for your subject, the background will be completely blown out giving you the infinite white you’re looking for.


  • Janez

    this is just being lazy and poor use of light