Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers Made from 35mm Film Canisters

The MoMA Store used to sell these nifty salt and pepper shakers made from 35mm film canisters for $35 a pop. You might not want to make your own though — we hear you shouldn’t keep any food products inside used canisters because film rolls leak poisonous chemicals that can’t be washed out. Shucks.

(via Live Great on Less)

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  • Sailens

    I can’t be cleaned, but it can be covered, using some kind of varnish.

  • Jack Kennedy

    You could sterilize them, right?

  • Toni Aull

    Can it be wash out with Bleach?

  • Deepreset

    Camping stores used to sell sealable salt and pepper lids for film cans.
    I still have a pair, in use now these past twenty-odd years.