The Pure Joy of Getting Your First DSLR

Do you remember how you felt when you get your hands on your first DSLR camera? Perhaps it was something like what this woman felt after receiving a Nikon D90. Even if you’re a Canonite or the Tin Woodman, this video will probably still bring a smile to your face. Nikon needs to contact these people and turn this into a commercial.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Sebasti├ín Soto

    I got my first DSLR (Sony A290) less than a month ago. Although it wasn’t a surprise, I felt just too happy that day, that I had to start using it, even if it was midnight already.
    I’m nearing 800 photos in just 3 weeks, I’m still excited and very happy with that big little fella, even if it’s just an starter DSLR.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I bet she knows nothing about photography at all. I would have within few minutes have it already up and running, with lens attached, battery and memory card. And test the hell out of it and check out newest features and stuff.

  • Elli

    ^^I get the sense that you’re being rude. And hey, maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. BUT either way, she still can learn about her new DSLR. Anyone can, at any age, at any time. Everyone has to start somewhere, and perhaps her start is now. Don’t judge a person if you don’t know them. Just because she’s jumping around and yelling doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the want to learn more about photography.

  • Ammrr

    If I heard correctly, she had a D60.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    Everybody is a newbie at one time. Maybe she doesn’t know much about photography (with a DSLR), but at one point or another, neither did you!!

    You’d do good to remember that young man.

  • Peter

    Steven is definitely getting laid that night!

  • Zak Henry

    1:35 – the box at least clearly says D90

  • Duke Shin

    Ehh. It was like my first film SLR, but with a 1.6 crop and a fixed resolution.