Overheard in a Camera Shop: But I’m a Professional

Customer: Hi. I’m a professional photographer but I don’t understand why are my pictures green, and then sometimes blue.
Salesperson: Do you have a certain mode enabled? Maybe a colour swap feature has been accidentally turned on, try resetting the camera back to the original factory settings.
Customer: No, no. I know about that — I’ve been published before with some of the pictures I’ve taken… I know what I’m doing.
Salesperson: So reseting the camera didn’t work?
Customer: No.
Salesperson: …do you know about white balance?
Customer: No.

Thanks for the submission Dennis!

  • Tim Gander

    I worked in a camera shop for about three years. Luckily it was before the internet, so the know-it-alls weren’t so numerous, but we had a few.

    However, I can turn tables on this article. After I left the shop and went full time working for the local paper (ie I went professional freelance) I walked into another local camera store and asked to buy a lens hood for a Nikon prime lens. The shop assistant just looked at me and said, “don’t bother with one of those, the professionals don’t use hoods.” A really odd reaction which I never did understand.

    I think I got over it though…

  • Mr Hogwallop

    “- Be humble. Seriously, because I don’t give two flying f**ks how big
    of a deal you are if you’re being cocky and rude. If you know your s**t
    perfect, I’m sure there are lots of interesting things we could talk

    Maybe you should check back at bullet point 1.

    (changed spelling to get by the PPcensor)