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Overheard in a Camera Shop: Just Do It

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Customer: Why are my 8×10 prints being cut off?
Salesperson: Well, your camera shoots in 2:3 aspect ratio which is a different proportion of rectangle. The 8×10 print is 4:5.
Customer: I want my prints in full size.
Salesperson: You have three options. A) We stretch the image. B) We crop the image, or C) we can put white strips on the sides but that won’t be very pleasing.
Customer: Can’t I just put what I have on my camera on the paper?
Salesperson: You know how when you watch a HD video and they put black bars around the screen? It’s that exact same concept.
Customer: You’re not doing your job properly, can I speak with your manager?
Salesperson: No problem! :)

Thanks for the submission, Dennis!

1 Comment