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Overheard in a Camera Shop: A Special Kind of Canon Lens


Customer: Hi, I am looking for a Canon lens.
Shopkeeper: Certainly, which one specifically or what’s the purpose?
Customer: I am looking for a lens that can shoot pictures with sharp foreground objects and sharp background objects.
Shopkeeper: Right, you mean a lens that is good for close-ups and landscape?
Customer: Well, not exactly, I want a lens to shoot pictures that everything is in not blurry, especially not those blurry backgrounds with people.
Shopkeeper: Hmm?
Customer: Should I buy the 70-200 2.8 IS II? What do you think I should buy?
Shopkeeper: I think you should buy a photography book first.

The shopkeeper proceeded to show the customer a photography book, but he decided to leave.

Thanks akechi!