Canon and Nikon Mirror and Shutter Comparison in Slow Motion

Here’s a video comparing the mirror and shutter curtain mechanisms of the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, Nikon D700, and Nikon D7000 DSLRs. It’s pretty surprising how much the Canon mirrors bounce compared to the Nikon ones…

(via Foto Actualidad)

  • Anonymous

    Reason #5 why I went Nikon ;)

  • Flgraphics

    Jesus. Look at the mirror bounce on the 5d

  • Dave Lam

    wow that 5d mirror is taking a beating there, how many are they rated for again?

  • Dave Lam

    wow that 5d mirror is taking a beating there, how many are they rated for again?

  • Aaron Jensen

    I’m wondering if it’s better to bounce more. Less vibration transferred to the camera.

  • jg

    Canon (which I use) does look sloppy.

  • Zak Henry

    By that point it really doesn’t matter. The shutter has done it’s thing. The real issue with bounce is the amount of time it takes to stop bouncing is time the camera has to wait before taking the next shot. Hence the 3.9fps on the 5dmkii

  • Dagnabbit

    Is this why canon fans bang on about mirror lock up all the time?

  • David Ritchie
  • Andrew H.

    Not a scientific study. If you found the same results after three similar comparisons you might be able to arrive at a hypothesis, not even an empirical fact. I suggest you go back to your comparisons and then post your conclusions.

  • Harry Lim
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  • Cortex

    1. Is bounce automatically a bad thing?
    A rubber ball (which bounces) endures significantly more impact than a porcelain teacup. 
    2. If more downward spring pressure is exerted on the mirror it will bounce less but the camera will take more wear. 
    3. It seems some comments are made from people that confuse mirror with shutter.

  • Elliott Burton

    Can’t base findings with one camera and assume all others of the type will behave the same

  • BryanG

    You would expect different results when dropping a ball and a teacup, but they’re not comparing rubber balls to porcelain teacups; they’re comparing the mirror system in one brand of SLR to the mirror system in another, with different results.  I’m a Canon 7D user and love it, but I have to admit, I’m glad to have seen this comparison.  It might not be universal, but it’s enough to make me raise my eyebrow over Canon’s mirror system.  Also, keep in mind that all four cameras in this comparison have the exact same estimated shutter life (150k).  The two newest cameras (5diii and D800) do not; the Nikon has an estimated shutter life of 200k.  I’ll be interested to see if it actually has a longer lifetime in practice, but my experience has been that people generally get rid of their camera and upgrade before it stops working anyway.

  • Steve Y.

    Canon’s also have shutter bounce problems. I had the problem on a 5D, 1DS MKii and 1DS MKiii. The bounce causes a strip of overexposure on the long side of the frame bottom (picture top). It is $400 a pop to fix and the 1DS MKiii is doing it again. I am beginning to wonder if Canon has to much bounce on everything after seeing this video.  Time to consider Nikon!!!

  • John Richardson

    actually the 7D doesn’t bounce any more than the D700

  • Brian Tanning

    I don’t know what video you were watching but I see a significant difference between the two…

  • Henrique Konishi

    The D7000 bounce more than the 7D and is seems that it doesn’t wait much before the shaking stops to roll the shutter.