Camera Toss Photos with Peace of Mind

Camera toss photography involves having your camera shoot photographs while it’s being tossed wildly into the air. The problem is, you’ll usually want to play around with this kind of photography at night, when long exposure times will create pretty abstract images. If catching your camera on its way down in the dark isn’t something that sits well with you, you might want do try what Flickr user Robert Couse did — protect your camera using an inflatable swim tube, a piece of cardboard, and some gaffers tape.


Image credits: Photographs by Robert Couse-Baker

  • Jack Kennedy

    That’s great for point and shoots, but, I think you’d need a tractor tyre for a DSLR.

  • freeboprich

    Any photographer who’ll let their DSLR outta their hands while they’re shooting needs their head seeing to anyway! ;)

  • got no balls

    or they need big jocks to hold their testicles, something you dont seem to have ;)

  • freeboprich

    In the same way you don’t seem to have any manners, you mean?