Wooden Cameras Make for Beautiful Wedding Favors

When Liana Garcia Joyce got married a while back (doubling her film stash), her mom came up with the idea of giving away these hand-crafted wooden photo holders as wedding favors because Liana met her husband through their common interest in photography.

The cameras are actually life-size, and look quite realistic when carried around:

Image credit: Photographs by golfpunkgirl and used with permission

  • Kbledsoephoto

    Where can we get them?! :D

  • golfpunkgirl

    @Kbledsoephoto – unfortunately, they were a one time my mum’s company produced (they’re all handcarved one-by-one) but I’ll see if she can have more made… :)

  • Kbledsoephoto

    That’s so cool! I wish that they did make them :) I’m sure plenty of photographers would like to purchase them!

  • Gaye Edwards

    Agree – see if more can be made available! So very good.

  • Aim2run

    these are Lomo LC-As!! they are gorgeous! I want one and I know of many Lomographers who would love them. These are the old USSR ones with the levers on both sides of the lens.

  • Jens Schwoon

    i got the original lomo ,-) is even more addicting than the wooden one ;-) But I like the idea to bring them to a wedding alot

  • Kiera Whetton

    I love these. I know people who would go nuts over these. What a fabulous idea.