Invisible Camera Shoots Terapixel Photos at Fractional ISOs

Photographer Chris Marquardt claims to have used groundbreaking research to create a mind-boggling transparent camera that’s capable of ISO 1/500, shutter speeds of 1/100000, and terapixel photos the equivalent of 3000 Canon 5D Mark IIs.

This is may be one of the most elaborate photography-related April Fools’ Day jokes we’ve seen. How do we know it’s a hoax (besides the obvious)? The camera will be released on April 1st, 2011 [see comments].

  • Hburger

    Hilarious! Great video – very convincing ;)

  • Chung Dha Lam

    From the moment they showed the actual camera I know its a hoax cause mainly how stupid it looks and that they guy who did this know bollocks about photography.

  • Craig Damlo

    As a person with a physics degree, I know he is just creating a buzz for himself. And it’s working, the camera a complete hoax.

  • bri

    I think they made this way too serious to be funny
    there’s no ‘tongue in cheek’ humour used here.

  • Rafael Kage

    hahah “The camera will be released on April 1st, 2011″

  • JamesTheKing

    The humor is very German and very unfunny, in a German-kinda-way.

  • Whatevs

    not funny at all

  • Seshan

    Patrick at fstoppers said he made the release date up. So this isn’t a April fools joke, just a attempt at a viral video to get attention, It worked.

  • Clive Jones

    Michael, Seshan is right about Patrick making up the release date. I think you should actually check the real source and correct your article accordingly.

  • Michael Zhang

    You guys might be right. I actually didn’t come across this video on f stoppers, but rather on a forum. The April 1 date was something I saw on Photo Rumors:

    Updated the post. thanks again

  • Justin Javellana

    “and we’ve now enteredd the realm of the terapixel”

    I scared! T_T

    I laughed real hard when he said 3000 5D MkII’s. xD

  • Jon
  • Mike

    The bubbly bond lines on the acrylic plastic camera body(sorry, I meant special glass) were the sinker, besides the whole electromagnetic blah blah blah

  • Eric D

    Put simply: That is a Skink Pinhole Pancake “lens” on the camera. That alone tells me they just slapped together 6 pieces of plexiglass, and put a pinhole lens on that assembly, then made a mock video. Still pretty comical though!

  • Kat Landreth

    If the film isn’t sensitive to the ambient light… what’s the point of introducing all that ambient light? How does it amplify anything?