How to Turn Your DSLR into a Simple Pinhole Camera

Make just published this short but informative tutorial on how to turn your DSLR into a pinhole camera by punching a hole in a body cap. If you have a spare body cap lying around (how often do you use those things anyway?) this can be a fun way to experiment with your camera.

  • Jack Kennedy

    I cover the ‘lens hole’ in black electricians tape, the poke a small hole through it. Works well.

  • Alistair Parker

    If you don’t want a sensor full of dust I would advise stretching some cling film over the inner side of body cap before fitting.

  • Mike

    A nicer way to get a pinhole is to dimple and sand a piece of brass or aluminum can. 0.002″ thick or so. You dimple the material, i like to use a nail that i have ground to an even sharp cone, gently pressing and turning with a piece of wood or dense plastic as a backing.

    Then sand this on 1000 grit sand paper till you break through the dimple. Then clean in some liquid to remove dust, like soapy water or alcohol. Then sharpie to make it black. You can do several on a sheet, and then tape up the ones you don’t like.

    I prefer paper tape as heat doesn’t bother it.