Canon 5D Mark II Used to Convert 8mm Footage to Digital

Cinematographer James Miller spent two years developing a technique for converting 8mm footage to digital by beaming it directly onto the sensor of a Canon 5D Mark II. He replaced the bulb on an old projector with LED lights, and used elements from a disassembled lens to focus the light. You can read a step-by-step walkthrough of this project here.

Here are some videos showing footage he converted using this setup:

Not bad for a cheap DIY method of converting, huh?

(via Planet5d)

  • Alexandre Maia


  • Alexandre Maia


  • Furabucho

    amazing…great memories…congrats.

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  • Andre Aguiar

    Couldn’t have picked a better soundtrack for this video. Excellent work!

  • Mike

    Cheap!? It cost him at least $2000 for the 5D2 and two years of his time.

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  • Eric DiFebbo

    why not just beam it onto a white wall, point the camera at the wall, focus, and record??? You can do that with any digital camera with video capability. Pretty cool to mess around with the optics of the projector but is it worth all that time? nope.

  • Cu1turec1ub5000

    Eric shooting off the wall is no where near the quality of these transfers u should look into it

  • Cu1turec1ub5000

    I’ve paid over 2000 for 120 minutes of hi def transferred super 8mm this method telecine is amazing thanks for posting this people u should research super8mm and u will realize this is way better

  • Richard

    theres a better way. Now, they use digital scanning where a computerized system scans each frame and converts it to a digital signal. This is an analog method