Polaroid Camera Models Made with Paper

Mel Stringer (aka girliepains on Etsy) keeps dreaming up cooler and cooler camera papercraft decorations. Her latest creation is a Polaroid model that include fake Polaroids to stick in the slot.

For $4, she’ll send you a PDF file that allows you to print and make the camera in baby blue and powder pink. Look for it in her Etsy store.

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  • AgeofRockets

    That’s actually pretty cool… What other colors do they come in? … if any?

  • AgeofRockets

    Sorry, just saw the last line… These are great!!!

  • mijonju

    adorable!! so cute :)

  • sdiefhsidfhshiekjfnh

    i love these but how do I use them

  • jshuhasdhashdhd

    don’t know