Picasa Limits Change, Allowing Virtually Unlimited Small Photo Storage

Google has changed the way it limits Picasa photo storage, allowing users to store a virtually unlimited number of photos… provided that they’re small. Previously the service limited users to 1GB in storage and 1,000,000 photographs (split between 1,000 albums). While the photo limit is quite generous, it was difficult to reach since users would likely hit the storage limit very early on (you could only store about 10,000 100KB photos). The million mark is easier to reach now thanks to Google no longer counting photographs 800px wide and smaller towards the 1GB limit, making it a pretty attractive free storage solution for people with a bunch of small photos to store.

Store More Photos and Videos in Picasa Web Albums (via Lifehacker)

  • xlerate

    It escapes me that Google has not pushed Picasa more into the mainstream awareness.
    With unlimited free hosting for images under 800px, this should raise a flag to Picasa developers (all two of them on vacation) to develop a mobile platform/API.
    800px is the sweet spot for mobile photos and offers a great alternative to people like myself looking for a Twitpic alternative in light of their recent change to TOS.

    As of 4/15/2011, Google reports 350K Android handsets being activated daily. That amounts to 350k daily missed attempts to advertise, integrate a potentially lethal image hosting service on devices already signing up for a Gmail account. A simple additional step asking the user “would you like to connect your Gmail account to a Picasa image hosting account? The service is free and…” followed by a quick TOS and the numbers of users will soar.

    Perhaps the Chrome experience with integrate all of these Google services to play nice without the current disconnect of services. But Picasa, like so many other Google services is left to fend for itself, with little or no help from its parent.

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