Creative Time-lapse of a Beard Growing Over the Course of a Year

Sorry that this is the second beard-themed time-lapse video we’ve posted in two days, but it’s so neat that we had to share it with you. Cory Fauver spent one year and six weeks growing a beard, taking roughly one photo a day and creating this awesomely creative video.

  • Matt Payne

    That was pretty cool for sure

  • Gg

    This was great when I saw it on Reddit earlier.

  • Moayad

    This is more ‘stop motion’ than a ‘time lapse’… just saying.


  • 3blindmice

    Are you sure that’s just one person? But great video! Very creative :)

  • Andrew Saleh

    Evolution of a hipster. ;)

    Cool video though.

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  • David Lopez

    Quite the beard though! Not sure why he plays it back in reverse? Great idea and dedication!

  • Kevin Martini

    Is this at University Toledo?