Liquid Leaping from Wine Glasses

Flickr user Vincent Riemersma shot this beautiful photograph of colored liquids splashing up the side of wine glasses champagne flutes using a Nikon D300s, a custom rig for sliding the glasses down a ramp, and a sound trigger.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the setup:

There’s a more in-depth walkthrough of how these splash photos were taken over on DIYPhotography. You can also check out more of Riemersma’s work in this Flickr set titled “High Speed Photographs for Dummies“.

(via Wired)

Image credit: Photographs by djunclesam and used with permission

  • Pascal Bovet

    Inspired by my image:

  • Guest

    because no two persons can have the same idea without interacting and everything must be a copy of someone else’s work

  • Vonilei

    The bartender in me demands that I inform you that those are not wine glasses. Those are champagne flutes. Other than that, very cool pics!
    Sincerely, me.

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha, thanks for the correction

  • Sabrinaphoto

    Nice to see it can be done with a single flash. Pascal, your pictures also look wicked but maybe TO good for a beginner.

    And I’ve seen splash images and arduino triggers way before your images so do not forget to mention your own inspirators ;-)