Special Gloves for Handling Your Camera in Cold Weather

If you find yourself often shooting in cold weather and having to take your right hand glove off to operate your camera, you might want to check out Freehands gloves. These are special gloves that have thumb and index finger tips that fold back, allowing you to adjust your camera settings without having to expose the useless parts of your hand to the cold. They range from $18 to $80 and can be ordered directly from the Freehands website.

Freehands (via PhotoWalkPro)

  • Keath

    Unfortunately, none of them are actually thick enough to require their easy-off finger feature. I can operate a camera just fine with gloves that thick; it’s when the temps are sub-zero and I need real cold weather gloves that problems arise. Solution, thin gloves under the thick gloves and judicial selection of when settings really need to be changed.

  • Kuku

    lowepro makes those, too.

  • Marc van der Veen

    Or you can make em yourself by cutting a bit in your own gloves, leaving some of the material intact to be able to ‘slide’ it off and on your fingers. Anyway, good thinking :)

  • Anonymous

    Or, go to any store that caters to hunters/outdoor activities. Fold back mittens with half-fingers have been around for a long time. Go to the websites of Dick’s Sporting Goods, LL Bean, Cabela’s, etc., and do a search for gloves. You’ll find similar items.

  • //d.

    i bought a great set of gloves from a company named POW – they make gloves for all kinds of sports as well as some other clothing. they’ve got a line called “photog” gloves. they arent thick. but in my climate they make things alot more comfortable with winter temperatures hovering from -10ºC to +10ºC

    they have middle, pointer and thumb fold back fingers with magnetic snaps on them.
    i have last years model wich look a little differnt from this years.

    they’re shown here:

    this years model and the actual POW product page is shown here:

    hope you dig em, i know i do.