A Lesson Learned While Shooting a Time-Lapse Video

Reddit user acts541 tried creating a time-lapse video of a flower opening and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

  • Victor___eleuterio


  • Rita Picard

    ‘Plug it in’, plug it in!’

  • Anonymous

    I love stargazer lily’s – and also time lapse videos.

    Also extra batteries and mistakes turned learning experiences. So glad the user shared their learning mistake with us!

  • Steven Yunghans

    Why would anyone ever attempt to do that on battery power? =) Nice little joke, ha ha. What’s worse is that, if this wasn’t supposed to be a joke, why did they go through the work to sync it to music? Meh, kinda lame actually.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is the least interesting post I’ve seen on petapixel for a long time.

  • White Hot Phoenix

    AC Adapter?

  • Daniel Lowe

    This is pretty bogus. Those of us who timelapse all the time knows to go out and check their battery, keep a fully charged spare handy, and that a battery grip is heavy, expensive and overrated (better for film shooting than timelapse)

    What it tells me is that you either started with a half charged battery or you were taking shots every few seconds.. totally unnecessary for a flower opening, which should take a shot like once a minute or once every 5 minutes.

    Battery life is inversely proportional to how often you move your shutter, unless you have the LCD set to review each shot (which would be a n00b mistake also)

  • Fletcherdervish

    Ah well..

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Only pros know you need atleast 3 batteries ready at any time so you have enough time to charge one while other battery still busy.

  • Sir Charles Wood

    Shot a roll of Holga, then went to work…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve done about 10 timelapses with my single LP-E5. Some ranging over 6 hours. Not sure how different flower timelapses are.

  • Anonymous

    1 Looks like he was doing auto exposure.
    2 Perhaps even autofocus
    3 Hell, image stabilization will do that too.