Macro Time-Lapse Follows Flowers from Seed to Bloom

Capturing the growth or bloom of a flower is a staple of time-lapse photography, and therefore, it can be a bit banal. But photographer Daniel Csobot has managed to put a macro flower time-lapse together that is both beautiful and captivating.

The time-lapse was shot with a Canon 7D on a Kessler CineSlider and either a Canon 100mm Macro or a Canon 15-85mm depending on the shot. It shows the full process, from the tiny seed reaching into the ground for nourishment, to grown flowers blooming.


The photos for the entire video were shot over a 4 month period, starting in February and ending last month. It was his way of satisfying both a “personal interest” and “fascination” with the “macro world.”

To see more from Cosbot, head over to his website here or check out his partner Novalapse for some time-lapse tutorials and a lot more high-quality time-lapse examples. You can also find more of his work over on his Vimeo channel.

(via Laughing Squid)