How to Make a Photograph with Clones

You might have seen clone photographs while browsing around on the Web before, but do you know how to shoot and post-process photographs that have multiple instances of a person? Here’s a video tutorial by Gavin Hoey teaching you the process (the resulting photo can be seen here).

If you’d prefer a non-video tutorial on the same thing, we posted a pretty popular tutorial on it back in 2009, titled “7 Steps to Taking Clone Photographs“.

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    Well done, that’s really easy to follow. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

  • Sam Townshend

    Here are some clone shots that I’ve taken:

  • Brandon Skinner

    Gavin rules, he has a great blog.

  • Edwaste

    He forgot to include the shadow cast by the clone standing behind the sofa.

  • Bathroom Wholesale

    Its a good post for the freshers in the photography field.The video was interesting and the idea of clone photography was illustrated properly.Good job.