Decorate Your Wall with Fake Frames and Real Photos

You might have framed photographs up in your home, but what about using an entire wall to show off your pictures? Photographer Lyanne Wylde turned her hallway into a photo wall by putting up wallpaper with frames and slowly filling in the frames with her own photographs. You can buy the wallpaper, titled “Frames“, yourself from Graham & Brown for $45 a roll and start your own wall!

Frames Wallpaper (via Photojojo)

Image credit: 304 366 – My treasure #1 by Ly and used with permission

  • Sue

    What’s more, you can paint your wall a solid colour, and then draw the frames in freehand; same effect.

  • Taptanium

    Or fake fotos with real frames ;)

  • Wilson Davalos

    I like the wallpaper idea, not everyone will be able to freehand the frames.

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  • freeboprich

    Couldn’t agree more! measuring a photo and drawing a box to put it in with a slightly bigger box around it isn’t that hard even if you’re not artistic – but spending $45 for a single roll of wallpaper does seem rather desperate! Plus, drawing on a wall would be less messy.