Nikon Looking Into Adding a Projector to DSLR Cameras

Having figured out how to embed a projector into the body of a compact camera with the S1000pj, Nikon is now apparently looking to do the same with DSLR cameras. A recent patent filing by Nikon in Japan describes a DSLR camera that has a projector function. The text reads,

[…] when the photographing instrument is set as projector mode, the light which supported reproduced image information is projected on the screen of the photographing instrument exterior via the eyepiece of an electronic view finder, and two or more persons can see the reproduced image simultaneously projected on a screen.

Tech blogs are reacting to the fact that the projection may be through the viewfinder, concerned that photographers would have their eyeballs accidentally burned out if the projector were to be accidentally turned on. An easy fix for that problem would be to use a proximity sensor to disable the projector mode if a face is pressed against the camera… if this technology ever graduates from being a patent and enters the real world.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Zak Henry

    If you look at the diagram, (not the words, they are made by patent attorneys with their special version of english intended to make no sense), it appears that label nine is a projector that projects off an auxiliary mirror behind the normal mirror. So when you are taking a photo the projector mirror is folded away, letting light hit the sensor. When projecting, the normal mirror is locked up, and the projector mirror flips down, covering the sensor and making the projection come out the lens.

    That or label 9 is some kind of metering assist

  • Blochi

    Well, that would make a lot more sense. Because the lens already provides a great optical path, with all the great focusing and correction figured out, you’d just revert the ray direction and have a more versatile projection device than any other projector around.
    Certainly, you wouldn’t want to use a bulb, that would heat up too much, so my guess would be laser projection…

  • Anonymous

    I applaud Nikon for innovating technology beyond the convention of cameras, but I wish they’d put that effort to innovating directly against the competition…like say their answer to the Canon S95.