Yahoo Still Has Feelings for Flickr

In case you’re wondering whether Yahoo still cares about Flickr (acquired in 2005), the answer appears to be yes. Chief Product Officer Blake Irving recently tweeted a short message affirming the company’s support for the popular photo sharing service, saying,

Q. Is Yahoo! committed to Flickr? A. Hell yes we are! We love this product and team; on strategy and profitable. #

How profitable? No one (except them) knows. Photography blogger Thomas Hawk estimates that it brings in about $50 million annually.

This should give loyal Flickr members some peace of mind knowing that even though they might sometimes feel unloved, Flickr doesn’t appear headed towards the same fate as Delicious, the bookmarking service also acquired in 2005 that Yahoo doesn’t love anymore.

(via Thomas Hawk)

  • James

    Yeah, because anything any fool tweets is gospel.

  • Porsupah

    Actions speak louder than tweets, however.

    Improvements have been lumberingly slow and sparse, and accounts are still prone to arbitrary cancellation for any reason they choose, from what I’ve read.

    I’m not holding out any hope for being able to rid my pages of that damnable Getty Images link (on quite absurd terms if you choose to go for it), and I’m expecting the sun to start expanding before seeing an option for Flattr buttons to be able to offer tips for particularly good images.

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