Shoot Time Lapse Photos with Any Camera Using a Motorized Finger

Time-lapses are usually created using intervalometers — devices that electronically trigger the shutter on a camera at set intervals for long periods of time — but what if you don’t have a camera that can use one? If you’re good with your hands, you can create a mechanical “intervalometer” that uses a motorized finger to trigger your shutter instead. Instructables member Constructer wrote up a pretty neat tutorial showing how you can build one yourself.

  • Davin

    Call me old fashion, but tethered to a computer is just far easier.

  • C-rene

    :) Good one Davin , But i think its still creative & useful when no computers arround… just call it plan B.

  • Tvcollin

    If you have a Canon Powershots just use CHDK.

  • Alex

    There are cameras that does not have intervalometer or even remote shutter capability. Shame on you, Sony.