Calculate Whether to Make Prints at Home or Through a Printing Service

If you think making prints at home with your photo printer saves you money over having the prints made through a service, you might be wrong. How-To Geek has a neat tutorial and XLS spreadsheet you can use to calculate the cheapest method depending on your printer expenses. Simply download the file, fill out the boxes according to the instructions, and you’ll learn how much you’re actually paying per-print with your home printer.

Is Your Desktop Printer More Expensive Than Printing Services? (via Lifehacker)

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I figured this out long ago. One of the machines my company built included an inkjet printer and I had to change the cotton wadding (tampon) all the time. Half your precious ink is squirted into a bucket at the bottom of the printer unless you basically use it non-stop. Each time you start, it gushes out the ink.


    I’m amazed someone had to make an excel sheet about it because it was obvious to me that you always pay more for home printing in exchange for the convenience of having your prints immediately. Is there really any case where printing services are not cheaper ?

  • EK

    It doesn’t calculate the high frustration costs associated with getting your screen and printer to match… that significantly decreases the “cost” of online printing!